In order to help the Brazilian citizens who come to Portugal and the Portuguese who go to Brazil, whether in leisure, in business or to reside, Números Virtuosos, Lda. Has established a partnership with the prestigious Dr. Washington Lopes Cardoso in Goiânia-GO allowing the monitoring of citizens of both nationalities.
Personal monitoring can be carried out in Brazil and Portugal in the areas of law or even the request for documents not in person and by representation, as well as in all other areas.

Escritório Brasil:

place Rua 103 – D, nº 90, Quadra F – 24, Lote 10
Setor Sul, CEP 74.080-210, Goiânia - GO
08:00 - 17:00 de segunda a sexta
(62) 9245-5438
email washington.lopescardoso@equacaocristalina.com

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